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The world-famous The TranzAlpine? Train, claimed to be one of the best six train journeys in the world.
The TranzAlpine scenic train journey travels between Christchurch and Greymouth, from one coast of New Zealand to the other. It travels from the fields of the Canterbury Plains and farmland, followed by the spectacular gorges and river valleys of the Waimakariri River. Then climbs into the Southern Alps before descending through lush beech rain forest to the West Coast town of Greymouth. The trip is 223.8 kilometres. There are 16 tunnels, and 5 viaducts, the highest being the Staircase standing at 73 metres.
Over the past 20 years passenger journeys on the TranzAlpine have increased 8-fold, from 25,000 passengers a year in 1987 to more than 200,000 in the past year alone.

The Southern Alps – viewed from the Springfield station.

The Southern Alps is a mountain range which runs along the western side of the South Island.

passed the Waimakariri River

The river is braided, with wide shingle beds.

The Staircase, the highest of the 5 viaducts, stands at 73 metres.

The train comes out from a channel. There are total 16 channels.

amazing contrast of darkness and brightness.

The summit just stands out the mist. – a fascinating scene.

snow-capped mountains

stunning river gorges

snow-capped mountains

Arthur Pass – The highest of the three roads crossing the South Alps. First travelled by Maori in search of West coast green stone.

There are beautiful sceneries at the Arthur Pass station.

After passed over the Arthur Pass station, then the train will enter into the famous Otira tunnel. When the 8.5 km long Otira tunnel was finally finished in 1923, it was the longest railway tunnel in British Empire.
Remarkably, while most tunnels are level, the Otira tunnel has a gradient of 1 in33.

Lake Brunner – The largest lake in the N-Western South Island, knowing for Brown Trout fishing.

beautiful lake scene.

路易?(Donna Lewis)– I love you always forever 這首I love you always forever配合路易?那種隨意臃懶,似水柔情,輕輕傾訴的聲音,的確非常打動人心。難怪此張單曲唱片成為美國當時銷售量最大的單曲唱片。
1973年出生於英國 威爾士的唐娜 路易?(Donna Lewis)是英國流行歌手兼詞曲作者,六歲起演奏鋼琴, 受當時為爵士樂鋼琴演奏者的父親的影響,Donna還是少年時就開始了歌曲創作。唐娜從小就在以音樂和戲劇的著稱的威爾士學院接受訓練,主修長笛和鋼琴。 畢業后的她首先開始在地方上以樂隊和詞曲創作上展示自己的才能。


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